Episode Seven of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’: Cinematic Fanatic Sundays

Cinema and the Psyche Episode 7


This episode is a short description of our ‘Cinematic Fanatic Sundays’, a program we’ve created to provide film artists and craftspersons an opportunity – every Sunday – to practice their craft in collaboration with others passionate about making movies.

I’ve included this in ‘Cinema and the Psyche’ as I feel the podcast will benefit immensely from the insights and experiences gained during our Sunday workshops.

Thanks so much for tuning in,

Episode Four of Cinema and the Psyche: The Trivium for Screenwriting

Cinema and the Psyche Episode Four about the Trivium for Screenwriting.


In this episode I’m sharing a process I’ve used for writing my latest screenplay. It’s based on the Trivium, coming from ancient Greek classical education. The Trivium was the first three of seven essential subjects.

After coming across this really useful tool, I eventually saw how I could apply it to screenwriting and so adopted it.

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Trivium at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trivium