Episode Six of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’: What’s Important

Episode 6 of Cinema and the Psyche by Matthew J Morreale


Here we are again, later than desired, but here never-the-less. I wanted to discuss what’s actually important – primarily for the writer/director of cinema (apologies to all others).

I’m torn slightly, as staying away from accepted paths has allowed me to keep my mind – well, mine! It has kept my philosophy sharp and evolving quickly. And yet, the longer I stay away from accepted ‘paths’ the longer is delayed my collaborations with others; which is a necessity in cinema.

I take these years of personal development as an important aspect of the journey to making movies, and go on funneling everything right into my creative preparation.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, and find it useful on your own path.

Episode Five of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’: Visual Language in Cinema

Cinema and the Psyche Episode Five on Visual Language


Episode five is all about exploring visual language in cinema, beginning with a deeper look at symbolism and then finishing off with a little about camera usage.

It’s my feeling that visual language, like the written word, is suffering in our present culture, and this is disturbing simply because the broad use of words, or the broad understanding and use of visual language in cinema corresponds to a broad and deep perception of reality. As the language shrinks, or becomes outright lost, so to do ideas and concepts that require language to be conveyed.

The cinema is particularly interesting in regards to language because like a supreme intelligence may do, you have the entire material world to use as a symbol set. You are the creator voice of a divination tool brought to audiences through the medium of a dark room, big screen and first class sound system.

Cinema is complex, and like any great art form, it should be. To master it is likely beyond everyone’s reach, but the pursuit of greater proficiency is irresistible, and to those who have succumbed to it’s attracting power, there is no way out.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, and I look forward to bringing more and varied topics into the fold.

Episode Four of Cinema and the Psyche: The Trivium for Screenwriting

Cinema and the Psyche Episode Four about the Trivium for Screenwriting.


In this episode I’m sharing a process I’ve used for writing my latest screenplay. It’s based on the Trivium, coming from ancient Greek classical education. The Trivium was the first three of seven essential subjects.

After coming across this really useful tool, I eventually saw how I could apply it to screenwriting and so adopted it.

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Trivium at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trivium

Episode Three of Cinema and the Psyche: Ideas

Cinema and the Psyche by Matthew J Morreale - Episode Three - Ideas


Movies are born from ideas, they transmit ideas, and in the end, audiences are left – not with the movie, but with ideas. Therefore, movies really are just another language. Cinema is an exceptional language. So much so, that even after 120 years, we’re hardly touching its power.

To harness the power of cinema, and to harness the power of your own creative process, requires that you understand the nature of ideas, their power, and the ways in which they’re delivered and received.

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Episode Two: The Psyche

Cinema and the Psyche Episode Two


Welcome to Episode Two of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’. This time out we’re talking about the psyche, and for me, this means the individual. I cover a few important aspects of the individual as they relate to the filmmaker and the audience.

A little conspiratorial at times, but always relevant to the point! With cinema we are messing (for want of a better term) with powers beyond our understanding, and the reason for this is because the nature of the individual is beyond our understanding.

Cinema as an art is a mass of elements we’re tasked – as the filmmaker – with controlling. An almost impossible task, but one we can dedicate ourselves to for a lifetime. As audience members it’s imperative that we get to grips with the power our subconscious holds, and then to understand the power cinema has over our subconscious.

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A couple of the topics in the podcast that have links are included below. Until next time…

Episode One: Methodology for Understanding the Nature of Cinema

Cinema and the Psyche Episode 1


Welcome to Episode One of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’. I decided to start with an explanation of how I’m breaking down the cinematic medium for further study.

By choosing specific aspects of the form, based on their historical emergence, I’m able to see more clearly which creative/technical paths have been (to a greater or lesser degree) neglected.

Also, as promised, here’s the two links I referred to in the podcast:

Elia Kazan on What Makes a Director and
Why 3D Doesn’t Work and Never Will

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Introduction to ‘Cinema and the Psyche’

Matthew Morreale


Welcome to ‘Cinema and the Psyche’, a podcast for exploring the nature of the cinematic art form, the artist and audience, and the way they all interrelate. The focus will be on cinema as it appears in our multiplexes and independent cinemas.

I value the individual and the authentic artistic process as the means for achieving true cinema. Therefore, I’m less concerned with established ideas, academic outlooks and the views of current (non-filmmaking) ‘experts’.

We’ll be concerned with those great filmmakers throughout history who defined the medium, but most of all, with my own understandings and realizations; ever searching for what mainstream cinema can be.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the depths of cinema. I won’t always have the ‘right’ opinion or view, but it will be a genuine, individualist approach to discovering the depth of cinema, the psyche and their interrelation.

I expect to be posting at least one 20-30 minute episode each week. But, let’s see, as it is with all intuitional based works, anything can happen!

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