Episode Two: The Psyche

Cinema and the Psyche Episode Two


Welcome to Episode Two of ‘Cinema and the Psyche’. This time out we’re talking about the psyche, and for me, this means the individual. I cover a few important aspects of the individual as they relate to the filmmaker and the audience.

A little conspiratorial at times, but always relevant to the point! With cinema we are messing (for want of a better term) with powers beyond our understanding, and the reason for this is because the nature of the individual is beyond our understanding.

Cinema as an art is a mass of elements we’re tasked – as the filmmaker – with controlling. An almost impossible task, but one we can dedicate ourselves to for a lifetime. As audience members it’s imperative that we get to grips with the power our subconscious holds, and then to understand the power cinema has over our subconscious.

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